Author: Kim Harkness

Bootycamp and Sparkle – Sweat, Connect, Nourish

Fed up of being chucked quick fix diets and exercise plans in environments you don’t like? Leave it to us! We’ve listened to your feedback and looked at how we can support you better and have come up with this (along side some other professionals and new experienced team members!) #sweatconnectnourish We want to help […]

Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise in pregnancy, is it safe? Of course it is! Being pregnant doesn’t mean stopping exercise giving yourself an excuse to be lazy! On the contrary! Exercise is very beneficial during pregnancy and being in a good state of physical and mental health can significantly improve your labour experience. Of course, not every form of […]

Always remember, you are perfect

From an early age, women have an image of the “ideal” female body. What that ideal is, differs. One thing remains the same, failure to measure up. People often ask me why I set up Fairy Bod Mother and to be honest, I can’t give a definitive answer. There were however, so many aspects to […]