Baby Bod Mother

Safe, effective classes for mums and bubs - no baby sitter, no problem!

Our classes are designed to help you regain your body confidence while having fun!

Baby Bod Mother is designed for women who would like to get back their pre-baby body, without affecting their ability to be a mum.

Our classes are designed with your individual needs in mind, catering for all fitness levels is our priority, Our highly trained maternity specialist will see that each and everyone of you will benefit from the session, even though we are all different.

Whether you're a new mum or are rejoining us - everyone is welcome.


Improved mental and physical health
Improved and repaired core stabilty
Reduced stress
Greater strength to adapt to bub as he/she grows
IF wanted, safe weight loss

We run live classes in the UK and will be launching NZ very soon!

We provide 1-1's, classes and if you have a group of friends who all want to work out together at a set location, we come to you!