Bootycamp and Sparkle – Sweat, Connect, Nourish

Fed up of being chucked quick fix diets and exercise plans in environments you don’t like? Leave it to us!

We’ve listened to your feedback and looked at how we can support you better and have come up with this (along side some other professionals and new experienced team members!)


We want to help you achieve your true potential so we’ve put together a 35 day programme that will help build the foundations to a happier, healthier you!

Over the years we have been huge advocates of how the mind affects health and with the imposing influences we are exposed to these days, its so difficult to clean out the right information from the wrong. So… for the first time, we are including 3 elements within our Bootycamp and Sparkle programme, #sweatconnectnourish – move more, take a moment and eat better.

(Bootycamp is for those who are more advanced and confident with with food and exercise, Sparkle is for those wonderful women who are starting or restarting their healthier lifestyle)

To put it simply, each programme will include:

◊ a mindfulness workshop showing you how to align your eating with healthy habits.

◊ one session a week designed by our sports scientist. Our instructor will take you through basic movement techniques and a training session.

◊ initial food diary assessment (basic traffic light analyis)

◊ for those of you that would like it, we will also measure over-all weight, bodyfat, muscle and water at the start, middle and end of programme.

◊ a fun points system  will be set up so that you are rewarded for all of the hard work you do. Winners are announced at the completion of the programme and we have some awesome prizes to giveaway from our collaborators.

◊ one 15 min online class per week you can tune into at your own leisure

◊ a great online support forum where you can have all of your questions answered as well as get valuable from training tips, daily affirmations, recipes and moral support from you fellow bodlings and instructors.

and finally

◊ 35 day access to our no need to book timetable

Like they all say, we are limiting spaces to 20 people on this, not to pressure you into a sale, but to make sure you get the best out of the 35 days!

We are super excited about these programmes and finally we can help you look at all three elements of ultimate wellbeing.

To book your space, please click on link below. All programme start w/c Monday 16th September

Monday 8-9pm

Members Bootycamp

Non Members Bootycamp

Wednesday 8-9pm

Non Members Sparkle