Excuses, Excuses…

Like you all, I am more than excited for Christmas and New Year…
Relaxing times, good food, good friends…. Feeling heavy, feeling crap, snotty and lethargic. But WHY do we do it every year?! Why do we INSIST on being lazy JUST because ‘it’s Christmas’ and regret it when it comes round to New Year Resolution Time?
We all know that getting motivated at this time of year is difficult, so here are some top tips to get you going…

“I don’t have time to exercise….”
There is always THAT excuse that you don’t have time… All you need in 30minutes to get your heart rate up and give your muscles a challenge. When you look at it as a percentage of your day, it’s only 2%!
The key is scheduling it like a beauty appointment (something that will make you feel better about yourself!). So select the time of day that you’re more likely to commit too (e.g. time kids are in bed) and just do it! I know that I am better working out in the morning when I awake as I don’t have to think about going later in the day (demotivate myself), it sets me up for the rest of the day and then I have my evenings to do whatever I choose!

“I can’t stick to it”
First thing first, is tell people you are doing it! It’s like the Pupil vs Teacher relationship. If you tell people you are going to go a walk after lunch (1) more people may join you (a chance to catch up with people) (2) people will ask you why you didn’t go out a walk if you abandoned it (CUE excuse) (3) You will feel like you are the golden girl boy when your colleagues/family have sat on their bums all festive season!

Plus is means you can have a wee cheeky chocolate without feeling so guilty

‘I don’t know where to start!’
My main saying is, stick to what you like. If you like the workout you complete, you are more likely to do it again another day. Try lots of different things, order 1-10 (10 being the most fun) and complete those that are in the top three. Have fun!!

Tune into how you feel after you have done your activity session versus how you felt that day you didn’t…. You’ll soon learn that the energised, positive post workout you is far nicer than the grumpy, lazy you!

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