Believe in Fairies! but most of all, believe in yourself

Once Upon a Time…

AMAZING!!! Best decision I have made. I never dread going to class or look for excuses not to go! Friendly welcoming atmosphere with great experienced staff!xx

Tonight I seen numbers I’ve not seen since I was in my teens! Hello 5 Stone loss, I’ve been waiting ages for you!

The best thing about Fairy and team at FBM is that you take people as you find them – I felt so welcomed – and you accept all shapes and sizes! You take people from where they’re at and inspire them to healthy living! It’s fun, inclusive, encouraging and personal! You are different from any other fitness establishment because I’ve never felt embarrassed coming (despite a really annoying ripped muscle and busy family/kids – and busy end of term in school – or I would be there every day!!!) You all work so well as a team and seem to thoroughly enjoy what you do! Thanks you’re all an inspiration!!

For 8 years now I have battled with my weight, dieting through doctors, acupuncture and Chinese doctor remedies to name but a few- nothing worked! Even running daily had no impact. I joined FBM in January, 6 months after having my baby to finally budge the flab! I have got so much fitter, slimmer, more confident and happier. Fairy is so encouraging and can tell when you are struggling, the whole team are so different it makes every class exciting to see what’s next! You can choose a class to fit your mood or energy level that day too so no getting bored of the same old class! Fairy bod mother HQ is my sanctuary when it has been a tough time. For the 1st time in 35 years I actually enjoy exercise and love the classes that I go to and I will defo be keeping coming back for a good long time. Xxx

I just want to say thank you so much for helping me over the last couple of years. Since my 1st classes when you told me I would be ok to come myself my confidence is grown and grown and i’ve finally plucked up the courage and applied to college. I have an advice session to attend and I know am not definitely in yet but this is a major step for me so I just want to say THANK YOU so much xx

Team Fairy means the frikkin world to me!!!! Altogether as a team they have helped me overcome my fear of exercise, got me going, kept me motivated and worked me hard to help lose 3 stone in less than a year! Fairy herself is the genius that co-ordinates the wonderful range of classes and fully equipped gym and is an all-round amazing business woman, instructor, support and friend to all! And the fairy HQ is such an amazing place! Super convenient, super equipped, super friendly and super organised!

Prior to starting fairy bod mother, I was going through an extremely hard time, which resulted in a lot of down times at home and at work. This hard time was made even worse as I was continuously struggling with confidence issues regarding my weight. Upon joining fairy bod mother, I was slowly but surely becoming my normal self again. Fairy provided me with an opportunity to escape everything that was going on around me, as well as providing me with opportunities to increase my self-confidence. This was down to the welcoming environment that the trainers at fairy bod mother provide. Other gym classes I have attended in previous years seem to only care about the fittest people attending, yet fairy bod mother cater for everyone’s needs regardless of their fitness or strength – which was extremely helpful for me upon starting. I was never made to feel stupid when I couldn’t achieve targets set, (bloody burpees!!!!!! Even though they still kill me now) instead was given constructive feedback and soon realized any goal was achievable. 1 year later and 2 stone lighter, I can definitely say that joining fairy bod bother was one of the best things I have ever done. My confidence has increased by immense amounts, and attending classes gives me a feeling that I belong to something great! And hiy, I can now plank without my backside touching the ceiling. You all deserve to know how much you have done for everyone since you started. Well done to a fabby team xx

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