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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we book spaces?

You don’t need to! Whey! The only class you need to book for is Spin!

Q: Do you have to book your class?

The only sessions that need booked are our Sparkle and Bootycamp programmes that also need to be paid in advance.

Spin also needs to be booked in advance

In January, it is advised you booked all PAYG classes. You can book up to 4 weeks worth to save you contacting us every week!

Q: Is there a membership I can take out?

Yes there is! There is a Gym Only Membership at £36 per month, a Full Membership (Gym and all classes) at £50 per month via subscription LINK FOR SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP or £55 per month cash or direct debit. There are also no strict longterm tie in periods (we ask that you give one months notice)

Q: Is there a Joining Fee?

Plain and simple NO. There is no joining fee!

Q: Can I get a student membership?

Of course you can! You must be a full time student and with ID.
The staff at Fairy Bod Mother will help you through the easy peasy process!

Can I see your Privacy Policy?

Sure! Here you go!

Privacy Policy May 18

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