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With 7 years of experience in weight management and health improvement, why not think about us to guide you along your journey?!

At Fairy, our superb training team are all about YOU. We never ask you to quit major food groups. We never ask you to change who you are or your lifestyles. But we DO help you become a better version of yourself that you can hold on to long term.

All of our programmes are aimed at you and what you want to achieve and and will help you reach your potential.

Packages include:
• 45minute fitness sessions, 15 minute weigh in slot
• weekly weigh-ins with access to information on body fat, muscle and water %
• Nutrition guidance
• Support forum


Monday and Wednesday 7-8pm
Monday and Wednesday 11am-12noon

There are only 15 spaces on each programme so we’d recommend booking quickly!

With lots of love, Fairy xx

Refunds will only be given if whole programme is cancelled within 48 hours of start date